Details about the peer review process:

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Policy for concurrent/multiple submissions

Manuscripts submitted to Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People should not be currently published or being considered for publication at another scientific journal or similar outlet. Likewise, does not accept multiple submissions of essentially the same work. That is, every submitted article should be substantially original in content, relative to other works currently published or under review. Manuscripts that violate these requirements will be automatically rejected, and the author of the respective manuscript may be excluded from future submissions to Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People. Moreover, a manuscript may be rejected at any time, upon discovery that it does not comply with the policy stipulated herein, even if the author had previously been notified of the manuscript s acceptance .

Review process

Blind review

All manuscripts received by Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People undergo the following review process. Upon receipt, each manuscript is assigned a content editor who is responsible with its evaluation.

The evaluation proceeds with the following major steps:

  1. The content editor examines the manuscript and decides whether to proceed with a blind peer review. The manuscript may be rejected without a peer review if the content editor establishes that it does not conform to the basic requirements of Journal of Economic Development, Environment and Peoples editorial policy, including authenticity, originality, formatting, submission guidelines, etc. Likewise, a content editor may reject the manuscript if he/she believes that the content of the manuscript is not appropriate for the topics and interests of Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People, or if it is established that the manuscript clearly lacks in scientific quality to the extent that the probability of it being accepted through the blind peer review would be too low to justify the waiting time for the author.
  2. If the manuscript is rejected at the initial review, the content editor notifies the author of this decision. Otherwise, the content editor forwards the manuscript (with the authors name removed) to two peer reviews for evaluation and notifies the author that the manuscript has been accepted for a blind peer review.
  3. Each peer reviewer evaluates the manuscript and submits to the content editor a referee report along with one of the following recommendations:
    1. Accept submission - publishable without revisions
    2. Revisions required - conditionally publishable with minor revisions
    3. Resubmit for review- potentially publishable with major revisions (revise and resubmit)
    4. Decline submision - not publishable
    5. Resubmit elsewhere - not publishable
    6. See comments
  4. The content editor weighs the recommendations of the two peer reviewers and takes a decision on whether to accept the manuscript for publication as-is, reject the manuscript without further review, or proceed with soliciting the revisions recommended by the referees. The content editor communicates the decision along with the referee reports (with the reviewers name removed), and if applicable conditions for revisions, to the author.
  5. If it is decided that the manuscript requires revision, the author makes such revisions in accordance with the conditions/recommendations of the content editor and referees, and upon completion, resubmits the manuscript directly the content editor. Upon receipt of the revised manuscript, the content editor may decide to approve it for publication automatically or resubmit it the peer reviewers for reevaluation. In addition to the two original peer reviewers, the content editor may also solicit the opinion of an additional (third) reviewer.
  6. Once the manuscript is deemed publishable in its current form, the author is notified of the decision and is provided with a copy of the manuscript in its final publishable form, for approval. Aside from the final approval, the author is required to transfer the copyright to the manuscript to Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People, before the manuscript can be published.
We provide a Single Blind Review. Please fill in our registration form, use the article template and then upload your paper without authors'names.

The author is solely responsible for the content of the published manuscript. The views expressed in this publication are those of the author and are not the views of the publisher of Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People..


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